The principal tourist attractions to visit in Auxerre. All within 5 minute walking distance from Au Jardin Clos.

The Abbey of Saint Germain and the Tower of Saint Jean

The monastery was founded by Queen Clotilde in the 5th century. Architecturally speaking it is of great interest. It boasts Carolingian crypts which date back to the 9th century.These are built around the tomb of Saint Germain (378 - 448) and are decorated with remarkable murals which are the oldest in France. The abbey church is Gothic in style. The chapter room dates back to the 12th century, the cellar from the 14th century, and the classical style cloister was rebuilt in the 17th century. The Monastery of Saint Germain is overlooked by the 12th century tower of Saint Jean.

The Clock Tower

The clock tower in the center of town was built in the 15th Century.

Originally a prison it was transformed into a clock tower in 1483 and the clock’s mechanism still works today with 2 hands representing both the sun and the moon.

The Marine Quarter

Situated on the banks of the river Yonne, in bygone days the Marine quarter was a hive of commercial activity with tanners and fishermen selling their wares. Today it is an ideal place to stroll and admire the hotel boats on the river.

The Cadet Roussel Walking Circuit around town

The Cadet Roussel circuit is a 5km circuit which takes you through town and past all 67 essential historical tourist spots and places of interest. Visible brass triangles on the ground, each one with it’s designated number enable you to follow the circuit.

The Charles Surugue Square

This square in the centre of town is ordained with a stone fountain. As a backdrop an array of multi coloured medieval houses can be admired. It is a great place to start a walk through town for shopping and admiring the medieval architecture of the historical center.

The River Edge-The Quay de la République

Both picturesque and busy

A magnificent panoramic view of the Cathedral, the Monastery, the Saint Jean Tower can be admired from the water’s edge. Hotel boats and canal boats adorn the left and right banks of the Yonne River. The Quay République is a lovely place for strolling and bike riding or renting a paddle boat for an upstream adventure.

The 'Arbre Sec' Park

This great space of green runs along the river Yonne and the canal Nivernais and is only 5 minutes from the center of town. The swimming pool and sports complex are within the park.

The Auxerre Wine Growing Area

The Burgundy wine growing area covers just under 300km from the most northerly region to the Mâconnais in the south. Chablis and l’Auxerrois are the most northern of the 6 wine growing regions of Burgundy.
Chablis and Grand Auxerrois (in Yonne) Côte de Nuits (in Côte d'Or) Côte de Beaune (in Côte d'Or) Côte Chalonnaise (in Saône et Loire) Mâconnais (in Saône et Loire) Other nearby villages and appellations are AOC Bourgogne Chablis….. etc
AOC Bourgogne Chitry
AOC Bourgogne Saint-Bris
AOC Bourgogne Irancy
AOC Bourgogne Coulanges La Vineuse
AOC Bourgogne Tonnerre
AOC Bourgogne Vézelay